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What is SafeLink?

SafeLink is a term often used on a site that functions as a safety link from other sites. In short, safelink is a page on a website or blog that functions as a detector for the url or link that is going to be safe or not from various kinds of internet crimes such as viruses or malware.

Why do DEPETRENDS use SafeLink?

Obviously safelink will work by protecting download site against download links that may contain various kinds of viruses and malware that are harmful to site.

Safelink will prevent the spread of viruses and malware that are linked in a download link in a file. If it is proven that a download link is inserted with some kind of virus or malware, the Safelink site will automatically warn their users that the download link they want to go to is an unsafe and risky link.

SafeLink has an anti-virus component that can detect malicious files inserted in a download link so that you  can avoid virus or malware crimes that are allegedly damaging to users' devices and data.

In addition, it does not take much time to be on the safelink site because it works only as a download link scanner. If you pressed the download link and the link has been declared safe, the download link will open automatically.